Brit in Europe

Where to I fit in?

Ok, I am not running for my life from Myanmar, clutching a decapitated baby, having been raped and abused by Buddhist-terrorists ( oxymoronic or what? ) … no compared to many of the heinous crimes against humanity we see the world over, and no doubt don’t see all over this godforsaken Planet, I am sitting pretty, pretty. 

But I do feel disenfranchised, left out, alone, countries… without roots, and somewhere on terra firma to place them.

Born on British soil after ww2 in Wuppertal West Germany than English soldier and german mother, we relocated to England in 1951.

My folks died ( separately ) over 35 years ago. I married an English rose, and after many years building a business in the UK moved to France.

It was our right to do so. I need daylight to soften the searing effects of manic depression, and my wife had become chronically ill with asthma* due to an industrial injury.

( more about this later* )

Shortening the story, I am now in Germany my wife and kids in France, the earliest I can return in 2018… thus not completing a full 5 years residency in Germany, and there for, even though I had lived and paid tax in France for over 10 years, will not have built of enough brownie points and residency stickers to stay legally in France, my chosen country.

So you army of MEPs who are looking after my #citizens-rights… what are YOU going to do about that?



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