Brit in Europe, Race-hate

Shhh you ain’t seen me

Why, I hear you ask do you have a paper bag as an avatar?

cropped-10448823_853592274658860_1133766534621574045_n.jpg Well my dears, I am incognito …. shhh!

Actually its more that I feel faceless, unaccounted for, just another number. Kept my nose clean, pain the taxes, raising the kids…

I have given hundreds, yes, hundreds of people gainful employment over the years…enabling them to pay their taxes, buy their homes enjoy their holidays.. Yeah it all smacks of sour grapes ( get pic ) … But I do feel hard done by.

I relocated to the South of France in 2003 with my wife and 2 young children..and all was well, well I say well…until the crisis, the crash or whatever title they gave to the mayhem caused by a couple of very greedy bankers.

I know I was not the only person to suffer, but it cost me 75k sterling out of my pension…and subsequently a reduction of half of my monthly income.

Still not over it yet, in fact financially I shall never recover.

Now…. thanks to the arrogance of ONE relabel swilling, egotistical individual, who challenged another pompous hoody-hugging “I’m still alright Jack” NOB…. I am now here (  like Millions of others ) not knowing WTF is going to happen to them, their livelihoods, and their families….

I don’t even know there perpetrators… and the THEY have completely fucked up my life…sour grapes, no I am angry as FUCK.


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