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Home Alone

Home Alone, yes we all remember the film, great film! I wouldn’t say there was too much of a synergy with me and the main character, other than when Kevin was left “Home Alone” his parents had simply forgotten him.

That’s how we ( my family ) feel right now, alone, disenfranchised, forgotten.

We as UK passport holders relocated to France in 2003 from the UK. Now thanks to the arrogance, UTTER arrogance of one right-wing, pro Britain, anti-European politician and MEP, who lay down the gauntlet to the then Prime Minister, I find myself potentially, in no-where land.

That said same Prime Minister accepted the challenge, and the cocky clown, called for a referendum.

Thereafter, a costly, supposedly democratic campaign for the vote to say, and the vote to leave factions, set about befuddled and lying to the British populus.

All well and good, I suppose at least we are a democracy, a term which, in my view has become derisory.

So now, the lying cheating, in-fighting, expenses-fiddling leaders are is an invidious situation…and ME not knowing where I am ALLOWED to live in the future.

I am seriously pissed off!



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