Brit in Europe, Race-hate

Shhh you ain’t seen me

Why, I hear you ask do you have a paper bag as an avatar?  Well my dears, I am incognito .... shhh! Actually its more that I feel faceless, unaccounted for, just another number. Kept my nose clean, pain the taxes, raising the kids...

Brit in Europe, Race-hate

Home is where the Heart is

Home away, yes we all remember the film, great film! I wouldn't say there was too much of a synergy with me and the main character, other than when Kevin was left "Home Alone" his parents had simply forgotten him.  That's how we ( my family ) feel right now, alone, disenfranchised, forgotten.

Brit in Europe, Race-hate

Gypsy Women

An interesting example of Tagging...grafiti...  it sure ain't no Banksy! And I can assure you that if it was, someone would have had it away by now! Gitan is the masculine singular of the French word describing Gypsies. Gitaines ( plural ) is the feminine version ...depicted as a tambourine wielding dancer on the well known cigarette box.